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Taylor Lautner is a popular American actor, known for his roles in hit movies like the Twilight series and Abduction. While Lautner is often in the spotlight for his acting career and impressive physique, many fans are also drawn to his personal life, including his beloved dog.

Lautner’s furry companion is often seen accompanying him to events and even has its own social media account with a sizable following. Lautner’s relationship with his dog showcases the importance of the human-animal bond and the comfort and joy that pets can bring to our lives.

In this article, we will explore the special relationship between Taylor Lautner and his furry best friend.

Who is Taylor Lautner’s dog?

Taylor Lautner’s dog is a four-legged friend who has become a popular figure in its own right. The dog’s name is Roxy and she is an Alaskan Klee Kai, a small and intelligent breed that is known for being loyal and affectionate.

Roxy was born in 2017 and has been a constant companion to Lautner ever since. She has a distinctive coat with a mixture of black, white, and gray fur, and is known for her playful and energetic personality.

Despite being a dog of a celebrity, Roxy is a typical pet who loves cuddles, belly rubs, and playing fetch. She has won the hearts of Lautner’s fans with her adorable looks and sweet nature.

Taylor Lautner’s relationship with his dog

Taylor Lautner shares a close and loving relationship with his dog, Roxy. The two are often seen together, whether Lautner is working on set, going for a walk, or relaxing at home. Lautner has spoken about his love for Roxy in several interviews, saying that she brings joy and comfort to his life. He has also shared numerous photos of Roxy on his social media accounts, showcasing their bond and adventures together.

Lautner has also shared that he likes to integrate Roxy into his workout routine, often going on runs and hikes with her. He even created a workout video that features Roxy running alongside him, much to the delight of his fans. Lautner’s fans love seeing the actor’s softer side as he interacts with his beloved dog, and the two have become a popular duo in the public eye.

The impact of Taylor Lautner’s dog on his fans

Taylor Lautner’s dog, Roxy, has had a significant impact on his fans. Many fans adore the sweet and playful moments that Lautner shares with Roxy on social media, and some have even created fan accounts dedicated to Roxy. Lautner’s fans appreciate the actor’s love and affection for his dog, and often cite their relationship as an example of the positive impact pets can have on our lives.

Moreover, the relationship between Taylor Lautner and his dog has also highlighted the importance of pet adoption and animal welfare. By showcasing the joy and companionship that a pet can bring to our lives, Lautner has raised awareness about the benefits of adopting animals from shelters or rescue organizations. In this way, Lautner’s love for his dog has helped to promote the cause of animal welfare and encourage others to adopt pets in need of a loving home.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the story behind Taylor Lautner’s adoption of Roxy?

According to Lautner, he first became interested in the Alaskan Klee Kai breed after seeing a photo online. He then contacted a breeder and ultimately decided to adopt Roxy, who he fell in love with right away. Lautner has since become an advocate for pet adoption, encouraging others to adopt animals from shelters or rescue organizations.

Does Taylor Lautner bring Roxy to work with him?

Yes, Lautner has been known to bring Roxy with him to work on set. There are several photos of the two together on set, including during the filming of the TV series “Scream Queens.” Lautner has also shared videos of himself and Roxy practicing stunts together, showing that Roxy is just as adventurous as her owner.

Does Taylor Lautner have other pets?

While Roxy is certainly the most famous of Lautner’s pets, he has been known to have other animals in the past. He previously owned a Maltese named Sammy, who sadly passed away in 2016. Lautner has not publicly shared whether he has adopted any other pets since then, but his love for Roxy suggests that he may be a dedicated pet owner.


Taylor Lautner’s dog, Roxy, has become a beloved figure in its own right, thanks to her close relationship with the popular actor. The bond between Lautner and Roxy showcases the positive impact that pets can have on our lives, and has inspired many fans to adopt animals of their own.

Lautner’s love for Roxy highlights the joy and companionship that pets can bring to our lives, and underscores the importance of animal welfare.

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